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Since 1945, "Amentuel S.A." has been developing high-quality products, thought to simplify the art of cake decoration. Our line includes Paste to Cover Cakes, Modelling Paste, Gum Paste, Marzipan-like Paste and Pastillaje among others, which we commercialize with our recognised trademark: “Especialidades Ballina” (“Ballina” specialties). After having positioned as maket leaders locally, we have managed to enter several external markets with great success. Our achievements are due to the perseverance and dedication with which we face the exports, and also to the constant effort that we make in order to innovate and always guarantee the best price/quality/service relation. Presently, we are carrying out our exciting expansion proyect that will see us extend and diversify our markets. Our aim is to consolidate abroad the same prestige that we have in Argentina.

¿Are our products available in your country?
¿Would you be interested in the possibility of becoming our importer?
Please don’t hesitate to contact our
International Trade area in order to ask us all the information that you may need.

¿How to become an importer and distributor of “Especialidades Ballina”?

Our Support to our Importers

In order to encourage and increase sales in their territory, we offer our importers the shipment of promotional brochures, as well as a CD with demonstrative videos of the usage of our products.

Our Expectations

As long as possible, we’d like our importers to keep enough permanent stock of our whole range of “Especialidades Ballina” products and to supply any retailer or final consumer of their territory who wanted to purchase.

Requirements for Importation

In order to be able to purchase our products, you should probably be properly registered as an importer before your national authorities. Regarding this subject, you could ask your customs agent or forwarder for details. Since our products are edible, they usually require to be registered before the local sanitary authorities. You surely know better than us the norms and restrictions of your country. We’d provide you with any information/documentation that you may need.

Ways of Payment

Except for a different agreement, payment should be made before the shipment through bank transfer or letter of credit.

Ways of Shipment

Except for a different agreement, our trading terms are FOB Buenos Aires (INCOTERMS 2000), which means that the importer should take charge of the costs and risks of the international transport. We may provide you sea-freight quotations if you need. We usually make our shipments maritimely.


Here we show you our logistic tables so that you can plan your order. Through them you’ll obtain information about the measures of our boxes, according to the product and its packaging. In addition, you’ll be able to see the estimated amount of boxes that fit in a 1,10m x 1,10m pallet. Finally, you’ll get to know the total capacity of a 20 feet container.

Comercio Exterior

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